The Method

What Is MTM?

In 1968, after five years on the tour, Oscar Wegner had an idea. What would happen if he synthesized the common traits of the best players of all time and applied them to everyone, from kids and beginning players to adults of all levels? His testing ground wound up to be the Beverly Hills Tennis Club. With the endorsement of tennis legend Pancho Segura, who witnessed the results with some of his most famous Hollywood clients, the new concept was born.

Oscar tested this coaching methodology in Spain in 1973 at the national junior team level and the results were astounding. Rather than a few players succeeding in competition, all players showed progress and confidence. Spain adopted this methodology, and modern tennis history was formed.  Over the past 40 years Oscar has fine-tuned his Modern Tennis Methodology™ aka MTM™ into a foolproof means of teaching tennis in a simple and straightforward manner which guarantees success and enjoyment for players of all age and ability levels.  With MTM tennis is easy and fun with quick and lasting results.

“Guga” Kuerten Former World #1, Trained with Oscar Wegner & MTM

The Goal Of MTM

Uncomplicated by misconceptions that have plagued tennis instruction for decades, MTM™ (Modern Tennis Methodology™) mirrors the simplicity of how the top players actually play.  MTM, skillfully applied, can do exactly what it claims, teaching the public to play like the pros in the most simple, easy and efficient way.  Because of its effectiveness, MTM gets new players off on the right foot and helps free players who have been traditionally trained from less-than-optimal techniques that may actually hinder or destroy their natural ability.