Following are statements which attest to the effectiveness of Modern Tennis Methodology.

Wouldn’t YOU like to try it?

It’s been a long time coming to thank you and it’s only fair to say that, Madame Lucile Bosche´ you are truly an Angel to me and a million of others out there, for your great sense of humor and support. You opened my eyes by introducing to me the MOST SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE ways of TENNIS TEACHING. I had never heard of anything like it before and the results, totally awesome in a short period of time. You have sent me materials to read and view, guided me through until I finally passed my tests to qualify and be certified as MTMCA. There no words I can better use to say a big thank you. Thank you so much Madame Lucile!  D. Ruyenge Kampala, Uganda 

Coach Lucy consistently demonstrates a superior understanding of her students and knows how to reach each of us at our varied levels. At my first lesson with her about 10 months ago, I had never played tennis but had always admired the sport from afar. I was fortunate enough to be the only student that day for her free community volunteer weekly clinics. By the end of the 2 hour class, she got me to a level that not only made me feel understood but appeared to other higher level players on the other courts that I had been playing tennis for a while and not just 2 hours. Coach Lucy has patience, dedication and a real passion for the game, depth of experience and she holds her students accountable. She is a delight to work with and as a result we all do our best to make her proud of us. The students in my group look forward to our sessions with her and for me; those are the most fun 4 hours of my week. In my opinion, it is a privilege to have her as a coach. Johanna C.

Coach Lucy is great with the kids! Very patient. Basic skills for later are being taught without rushing into just hitting the ball. Stacy L.

Lucy’s ability to teach tennis is outstanding. She clearly and patiently communicates what is required for strengthening tennis skills in easy to understand terms. Lucy has the exceptional ability to identify problems with tennis fundamentals and artfully “coaches” how to overcome incorrect form and ineffective technique. What makes her stand out from the other coaches I have worked with is a rare combination of her ability to create a fun learning experience that involves constant encouragement while learning effective tennis skills. She is very successful in group as well as individual training sessions. She constantly reinforces the understanding of correct tennis basics to ensure each of her students clearly understand what is required to improve a student’s ability. It’s just fun working and learning from her.  Bill S.

For the first time in my life I felt love for tennis. Arian

This is the second round of lessons I have taken through the Camarillo Parks and Recreation system with Lucy as my instructor.  Taking Lucy’s advice, I have improved all aspects of my tennis game.  She truly wants each of her students to reach their potential.  I find her to be professional as well as personable and Camarillo is lucky to have such a great instructor on staff.  I know she could make more money giving private lessons but she wants to give back to the sport and provide others with a love for the game which she exhibits.  I would recommend her to anyone from beginning players to advance.  She will help you improve your game and enjoy doing it.    Kevin H.

Lucy, Thank you for changing my life! Karin O.

Lucy Bosche is an incredible coach with extensive knowledge of how the game of tennis is taught and played. Lucy turned me, a non-athletic, overweight, non-tennis player, into a 3.0 player that is eager to start competing in tournaments very soon! The MTM method that Lucy coaches, and knows like the back of her hand, can make a tennis player out of anyone that is willing to listen and act on her impeccable instruction and knowledge of the game. Because of Lucy, I have a love of tennis that I never thought possible. I currently play three times per week, and hope to add an additional day or two soon! Michele L.

Lucy is a great coach. I am an avid tennis player. She is very helpful. With all aspects of the game. She makes it simple and fun. I would recommend her coaching to anyone who is new or just wants to improve a bit. She is also very passionate about the game of tennis. When I hit with her I call it a ” Lucy tune up” ! Mark S.

I’m in my 40’s with some athletic background, but  no prior tennis experience. With a desire to learn tennis, I signed up for lessons through Pleasant Valley Parks and Recreation and to my good fortune was blessed to meet Coach Lucy. She has changed my life for the better and I have found a new sport I absolutely love. Coach Lucy has a gift for making tennis fun, intuitive and simple with great results! She’s a wonderful person with integrity and donates her time weekly teaching the game she is passionate about to others so they can discover their natural ability and too fall in love with “le sport deu tennis”.  Ariana P.

This is Jordan and Nathanial’s second session with Coach Lucy. She makes tennis so fun for them. She gets them excited and she really has love and passion for the sport. At the same time the boys are learning the fundamentals of tennis. Highly recommended! Joel

Both of my kids are really enjoying this session of tennis – having done sessions previously with a different coach I really like Coach Lucy’s technique. She has a great way with the kids. Karen H.

Coach Lucy senses which teaching methods her students respond to best and  modifies her program on the fly to benefit all. As a result, our son has been thoroughly engaged and is learning the fundamentals of tennis. Moreover, she has a great balance of fun, silly and discipline to keep interest and order within the group of young children. Scott K.

Lucy Bosche is the most talented and passionate tennis instructor/coach I have ever worked with. She is able to communicate in a short period of time the healthy fundamentals and strategies of tennis. Lucy has inspired me greatly and improved my tennis performance. She has encouraged me to continue learning and has helped me correct bad tennis habits with healthy alternatives so I can play this sport well into my dotage. Lucy’s  insights and knowledge have helped me change my outlook of the game and enjoyment of tennis completely! I will continue to recommend Lucy and hope to have her in my life as my coach for many years to come. Sue S.

Coach Lucy’s teaching method is excellent. She is exceptional with our children and they both like coming every week. We recommend her to all parents. Marta S.

My daughter Samantha has been taking classes with coach Lucy for a year now. She is a great teacher who takes time with each child to make sure each one completes the task. Susie F.

Both Karina and I enjoyed the lesson yesterday and see how your coaching is a great help to enhancing our skills. We are on for next Friday! Jim C.

My daughter Logan just started tennis with Coach Lucy. Lucy is very encouraging to all students with every ability. She is very positive and the class is a lot of fun. she is very motivating in a sweet but firm way. We love this class. Heather N.

Lucy is the best coach and her modern tennis is awesome! Annette F.

My daughter Nitya has been taking classes with Coach Lucy from last Spring. she is really amazing teacher with lots of patience to make kids understand. My daughter is left-handed. Lucy takes extra care of her when teaching the steps. We like her a lot and will continue the classes with her. I recommend her to all the parents. Sreelakshmi M.

Hi Lucy. You’re a great coach and there’s just something about you that makes one want to do well to get those “yays” shouted from you. You’re one that will have a lasting impact on the kids lucky enough to come onto your court. Oxnard, CA

Lucy is truly passionate and invested in this sport and has taught my 9 yr old daughter so much in such a short time. I would recommend Lucy wholeheartedly to any person at any level. You will not be disappointed! Kristi B.

Lucile – Thank you for a fantastic time in CA. I love the pace at which you taught me the MTM method. There is one a very important point I wish I had mentioned about this method during your interview; for me, the greatest value of this method is to prevent injury. I know, it doesn’t sound like much, but preventing injuries like hip, knee, and muscle by learning the natural way to play, makes playing tennis a life long sport. Plymouth, MI 

Lucy, I had a wonderful tennis experience this summer and we would love to continue. She is excited to return. Thanks for being such a great teacher. Camarillo, CA

Hi Lucy, Stumbled upon your site from YouTube. Recently switched to the MTM method and what a difference! I am 59 years old and am playing the best tennis of my life. Bought Oscars book 2 years ago. Your vids with the little kids are adorable …… And helpful! Watching a little tot swing the MTM method is so pure….better than watching an adult.  I’ve spent a lot of time in Southern California – I will definitely do a private lesson if I ever get out there again.  Harlem Heights, FL

I am so thankful with Lucille for being so patient with my daughter. I am so amazed in how little time, 2 months, my daughter has learned so much to play tennis. My daughter Alyn is so shy but Lucille make her shine with her loving care. Alyn loves her so much. I couldn’t have chosen a better teacher than her. Thank you Lucille for being so kind and patient with my daughter. Jaime M.

Lucile Bosche knows how to apply Oscar Wegner’s Modern Tennis Methodology very well. I can highly recommend her if you are a beginning or intermediate tennis player. Lucile will improve your game, for sure! Rich N.

Lucile is a wonderful coach. She presents the best coaching methods available in a gentle, clear and concise manner. She sees what is most important for the student to learn in the moment so that you progress quickly while having a fun time. I have taken a lot of lessons and I put Lucile at the top of the list for tennis teachers. Brice P.

Lucy is a fantastic teacher. She has taught both my daughters and myself. She explains things clearly and patiently. She is enthusiastic and encouraging. Lucy’s positive approach to learning tennis is effective and most of all fun. Lucy is generous with her time and simply a lovely person. Amy L.

 Aditi loves the classes because it is a lot of fun for her. Thanks, Coach Lucile. Priya S.

Thank you so much for the class, I learned a lot and feel confident to play like a pro :-). We are interested on the family class. Diana H.