Get A Discount With Lucy


Ask about my special Fall discounts on tennis lessons.  Gift Certificates are available and make the perfect surprise for your tennis player or tennis-player-to-be friends and family!

Get Going With Lucy

MTM Tennis Meetup

Spring has sprung! “Spring is the time of new beginnings!” Whether you are just beginning to play tennis or you are a seasoned veteran, now is the time to try Modern Tennis Methodology. Players of all ages and ability levels are invited to join me in utilizing a proven way to get the most from tennis training and achieve your personal best with techniques that will help you  “Play Like The Pros”!

Get In Shape With Lucy

Knowledge is power, and knowing how your body responds to diet and exercise is key to enjoying a healthy lifestyle.  You are unique, and I can help you discover what is uniquely right for you to select, achieve and maintain safe and reasonable fitness goals.  I offer an individualized fitness assessment with a specialized diet and exercise program guaranteed to help you look, feel and play your personal best.

Call me for a fitness consultation and together we’ll design a program that will  keep you in shape throughout 2016!

Get Competitive With Lucy  

If you play tennis in tournaments, on a league or school team, you need to have a competitive edge to bring home the win!  As a long-time USTA League Captain who took her teams to Sectional, Regional and National Championships several times, I can help you hone your skills both physically, mentally and strategically.  Ask about my special rates for teams, doubles partners and clinics.

Get Moving With Lucy

cardio tennis logo

For an  intense tennis workout try Cardio Tennis, a fun and easy way to get moving and get in shape.  No tennis experience is necessary, but you will learn some of the “fun”damentals of Modern Tennis Methodology as you discover just how quick and agile you can be both on and off the court.  I am USTA Cardio Tennis certified and will get your heart pumping and your spirit soaring with a workout designed just for your age, fitness and athletic ability level!